Investment Areas

The Fleming Fund will support low and middle income countries tackling key priorities around antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through a variety of investment areas.

Awareness, advocacy and governance

To effectively tackle AMR we need demand for data relevant to the issue and national governance structures to support surveillance and decision making around resistance and use of antimicrobial medicines.

The Fleming Fund invests in support to national policy makers and civil society as they engage in global discussions on AMR, as well as technical support to AMR Country Coordinating Committees as they develop and begin to implement their National Action Plans.

National Action Plans, protocols and global guidance

Through our partnership with the tripartite, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), we have supported countries in developing and implementing their One Health National Action Plans on AMR.

We also work closely with these organisation that set global standards and guidance to develop, pilot and build capacity to roll out protocols for surveillance including antimicrobial resistance and consumption and substandard and falsified medicines.

Improvements to data and surveillance

The Fleming Fund greatest investment area is through country grants to support 24 priority countries as they build sustainable surveillance systems for antimicrobial resistance. The types of investment include:

Technical assistance, partnerships and fellowships

We take a partnership approach to funding and so alongside our investments in country grants, the Fleming Fund offers a fellowship programme to support individual leaders from different fields as they advocate and drive forward the AMR agenda. We are also able to invest in and support technical assistance to national governments and national surveillance stakeholders as needed, including the development of technical working groups, workshops, laboratory assessments and rolling out surveillance protocols.

Research, evaluation and adaptive management

The Fleming Fund has invested in an embedded independent evaluation to support continued learning and adaptive management for the portfolio of work.

Although the fund does not support primary research, we have developed partnerships with a number of research calls and projects. This means we can continually inform the fund with the most up to date research on AMR as well as providing greater infrastructure and data to active research initiatives.