Measuring Progress

Our Theory of Change

How We Measure Success

Our Country, Regional and Fellowship Scheme Grants are evaluated by an independent evaluator, Itad using the following six evaluation questions. Each question is measured against a specific framework that helps quantify Fleming Fund’s contribution and impact.

Evaluation Questions

How We Measure Laboratory Capacity Building

Strengthening surveillance systems and laboratory capacity are the primary activities of the Fleming Fund, and our Country, Regional and Fellowship Scheme grants support over 200 laboratories worldwide with training, resourcing and renovations.

To measure how well we are building capacity, we use a framework developed by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, AMR Surveillance in Low and Middle Income Countries, initially published in 2016.

The framework, also funded by Fleming, was developed by over 30 international AMR experts including microbiologists, infectious disease experts and epidemiologists and outlines several critical competencies for laboratories. Competency examples include data management & analysis, quality assurance mechanisms, isolate storage and transport and bacterial culture, identification and susceptibility testing.

Proficiency in these competencies helps laboratories generate, share and use AMR data better. Locally AMR data can help clinicians make better decisions for patient care; nationally, data can be used to guide health policy; and internationally, AMR data can provide early warnings of emerging threats.

Our Results

This update covers grant activity from July - September, 2020.

This update covers grant activity from April - June, 2020.