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How to Apply

The Fleming Fund provides support through a range of grants. Global Grants are not competed but there are three types of grants, listed below, where calls for applications and requests for proposals will be available on the website when live. Further details on the process for each grant is below.

Country Grants process

The Fleming Fund Country Grants programme will support countries in collecting high quality data relevant to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). This data will cover AMR and drug resistant infections, and the use of antimicrobial medicines in human and animal health, agriculture and aquaculture.

Country Grants will be released in 24 priority countries in partnership with the national government and will be advertised on a rolling basis through the following process.

  1. publication of Request for Proposals (RFPs) or expressions of interest on Fleming Fund website – this will be publicised in local press and on social media. Note that RFPs will vary substantially between countries.
  2. invitation to register to apply for the grant – potential grantees will be invited to register their interest.
  3. register interest to attend the applicant information session – in some cases an information session will be held to provide potential applicants with the opportunity to learn more about the Fleming Fund and grant process. Details will be published on the website.
  4. receipt of the official application pack – this will contain all the relevant documentation required to submit a full application. Details will be provided as part of the RFP on the Fleming Fund website.
  5. application submission deadline – details will be provided within the application pack.
  6. application will be reviewed and results communicated to applicants.

Regional Grants process

The Regional Grants programme supports improvements to the availability, quality, sharing and use of AMR data across the regions of West Africa, East and Southern Africa, South Asia and South East Asia.

There are two rounds of Regional Grant applications. The first is closed and the second will be advertised in Autumn 2018 through the following process.

  1. expression of interest (EOI) from potential grantees - prospective grantees will respond to a call for expressions of interest which will be published here. Those organisations that are successfully reviewed at the EOI stage will then be asked to develop a full proposal and submit a Regional Grants application.
  2. Regional Grant application - potential grantees develop and submit proposals to Mott MacDonald.
  3. application review - Mott MacDonald and the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) assess and consider the grants proposals.
  4. grant agreement - the terms of grants are negotiated and agreed with grantee(s).

Fellowships Applications process - policy

Policy Fellowships support a small number of fellows as they become leaders in tackling AMR at a national level. The aim is to work together to define, lead and deliver the next steps in addressing AMR in their respective sectors, aligning with AMR National Action Plans.

Policy Fellowships will be offered at a national level, through an open competition.

  1. terms of reference published with instructions on how to submit an expression of interest. - this will be publicised on the website, social media and in selected press outlets. The terms of reference are likely to vary significantly between countries.
  2. submit an expression of interest - in line with the instructions on the website.
  3. attend an applicant information session. - information sessions will be held to provide potential applicants with the opportunity to learn more about the Fleming Fund and the policy fellowships scheme. Details will be published on the website.
  4. register interest to receive the official application pack. - this can be done during the applicant information session, or by following the instructions in the information session invitation.
  5. submit the application before the closing date - in line with the instructions in the official application pack.
  6. application review and fellowships awarded.

Fellowships Applications process - professional

Professional Fellows are drawn from pre-defined beneficiary institutions which are linked to our existing national partnerships. Calls for applications and instructions on how to apply are made available directly through these institutions, rather than on this website.