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The Fellowship Scheme aims to support the professional development of practitioners and influencers to boost AMR workforce capacity. The Scheme encourages peer-to-peer learning, strong One Health communities of practice and communication within the highest levels of government to influence AMR policies. Fellows are primarily chosen from within public government institutions to directly build national capacity to respond to AMR.

Funding Priorities

Funding is allocated to Host Institutions or universities that have applied to mentor and train fellows in specific disciplines. Host Institutions receive a set amount of funding for each Fellow they mentor. Fellows are selected from Beneficiary Institutions or public institutions or workplaces of prospective candidates. Fellows are often tasked with supporting and training colleagues from their workplaces with the skills learned from the Fellowship.

Fellowship Cohorts

Grant Making Process

Expected Impact

The Fellowship Scheme aims to develop a global community of AMR leaders and experts who can meaningfully contribute to their national AMR response. Fellows will also help develop awareness amongst government ministers and policy makers about the need for action against AMR.