The Fleming Fund brings evidence and people together to encourage action against drug resistance for a healthier world.

We support low- and middle-income countries to generate, share and use data to improve antimicrobial use and encourage investment in AMR.

The Fleming Fund invests substantially in improving hospital laboratories. A vital part of this is ensuring that laboratories are used…

The Fight the Fakes 2020 campaign aims to draw attention to the problem of substandard and falsified medicines around the world. Fake drugs…

For the sixth year in a row, the World Health Organisation is spearheading the Antimicrobial Awareness Week campaign, which aims to…

In Africa, AMR surveillance relies mainly on phenotypic detection of resistance via antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) using the…

Fleming Fund Fellowships support training and capacity building for scientists, epidemiologists and clinicians in over 20 countries across…


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Bhutan: Policy Fellowship

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