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  • Universtiy Teaching Hospitals Laboratory | Active | Human health
  • Central Veterinary Research Institute | Active | Veterinary
  • Univeristy of Zambia, School of Veterinary Medicine and Microbiology, Lusaka | Active | Veterinary
  • Ndola Teaching Hospital | Active | Human health
  • Chilonga Mission Hospital | Active | Human health
  • Livingston Central Hospital | Active | Human health
  • Lewanika Central Hospital | Active | Human health
  • Western Regional Laboratory, Mongu | Active | Veterinary
  • Chipata Central Hospital | Active | Human health
  • Mansa General Hospital | Active | Human health
  • Southern Regional Laboratory, Choma | Active | Veterinary
  • Eastern Regional Laboratory, Chipata | Active | Veterinary

AMR Governance Structure

National Multi-Sectoral Steering Committee

Contributing Ministries: Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection

AMR Action Plan

The Multisectoral National Action Plan was launched on 14 November 2017. Development of the NAP was led by the Ministry of Health, with committee members drawn from human health, agriculture, livestock, environmental protection, academia, regulatory bodies, civil society, planning and finance. The NAP has adopted the five strategic objectives from the WHO Global Action Plan and runs from 2017-2027.

Zambia's Request for Proposals is available here

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Country Brief

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Latest Activity

New country reports provide detailed accounts of drug resistance surveillance across the African continent to reduce the burden of AMR.

Nearly one year after the first cases of the coronavirus emerged, the pandemic continues to rattle health systems and economies across theā€¦