“Tele-Microbiology”: Top tips for virtual lab training

Last month, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), along with several other Fleming Fund stakeholders discussed opportunities and pitfalls related to online learning.

DTU has been using distance learning combined with online e-learning courses throughout 2020 and now plans to use more virtual learning to teach microbiology and practical laboratory skills. For grantees interested in online learning best practice, below are some top tips from DTU’s experience:

Some good resources for virtual training and some existing courses for laboratory scientists include Virtual Interactive Bacteriology Training, Bacterial Identification Virtual Lab, EUCAST: Preparation of Inoculum, DTU: AMR Theory and Methods, DTU: Whole Genome Sequencing

In the new year, the Fleming Fund will be advertising several online modules that have been developed by The Open University. These courses are free and open to the public and students can enrol in job specific pathways to earn completion badges.

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