The Fleming Fund 2021 Annual Review

The Fleming Fund's 2021 Annual Review is now available.

The Annual Review includes a map of the Fleming Fund's activities on the Theory of Change diagram, detailed output scoring and an overview of project and financial performance.

A plain text version of the document is available upon request.

The full document is available here

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The Fleming Fund’s Regional Grants and Fellowship Scheme are expected to make important contributions to the Fund’s overarching goals but, in a second phase of funding, these workstreams could be strengthened to maximise their effectiveness. These are some of the headlines from a new report by the Fund’s independent evaluators, Itad, now available to read on the Fleming Fund website.

Following the publication of our [Phase I Report]( on Tuesday 26th April, the Fleming Fund hosted a launch event the following Wednesday. The aim of the launch event was to announce HMG approval for the Fleming Fund until 2025, showcase our new publication and share our partners’ work.