Fleming Fund Phase I Evaluation

Read the evaluation of phase I of the Fleming Fund by Independent Evaluators Itad. A comprehensive assessment of how far the Fleming Fund has and is likely to contribute to its intended outcomes and impact. It makes some compelling findings and recommendations for future phases of the Fleming Fund which will also be of interest to key stakeholders and donors in the AMR community. In summary, evidence shows that the Fleming Fund is contributing to the strengthening of AMR surveillance systems in its 23 focus countries.

Evaluation Report

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Executive Summary

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The Fleming Fund’s Regional Grants and Fellowship Scheme are expected to make important contributions to the Fund’s overarching goals but, in a second phase of funding, these workstreams could be strengthened to maximise their effectiveness. These are some of the headlines from a new report by the Fund’s independent evaluators, Itad, now available to read on the Fleming Fund website.

A plaque on the side of the Saint Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, UK, commemorates the discovery of penicillin, the first antibiotic, in 1928. Fungal spores, blown by the wind, landed on Sir Alexander Fleming's Petri dishes killing the bacteria he was growing leading to a revolution in medicine.