OIE: Annual Report on Antimicrobial Agents Intended for Use in Animals

The fourth Annual Report on antimicrobial agents intended for use in animals has been published and includes data from 153 countries. This report provides better understanding of the global patterns of antimicrobial use and the progress countries are making to use antimicrobials prudently and responsibly.

OIE has been working with Member Countries over the past four years to collect data on antimicrobial use in animals.

This year, 153 countries contributed data, demonstrating sustained monitoring across all regions. An increasing level of engagement has been received from countries able to provide quantitative data.

This report aims to encourage the animal sector to use antimicrobials responsibly and to motivate national governments to make AMR a policy priority.

The Fleming Fund's Country and Regional Grants aim to assist the establishment of national surveillance systems and further support the efforts of the OIE's data collection. The Fleming Fund also supports OIE through one of its Global Projects.

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