Zambia launches their first multi-sectoral National Action Plan on AMR

Zambia have launched their 10 year multi-sectoral antimicrobial resistance (AMR) National Action Plan following a One Health approach.

Following consultation with all line Ministries and cooperating partners the plan aims to implement interventions across the key One Health sectors to fight AMR strategically and collaboratively.

The plan has provided a framework for the estimated $17m investment and focus areas have been identified. These areas include; awareness and education, surveillance and research, infection prevention, sanitation and hygiene, optimising drug use and funding for research and development.

The plan addressed the current AMR status in Zambia, notably, the detection of multi-drug resistant pathogens that have limited the success of antimicrobial therapy. Additionally, it acknowledges the challenges that Zambia faces with a population of over 16 million people.

The Fleming Fund has been supporting Zambia on the development of it's National Action Plan through Global Grants to FAO. This support will continue and include; support for AMR surveillance in the food and agriculture sectors, review of national policies and legislation to address AMR and antimicrobial use and the promotion of good practices in food and agriculture.

The full document is available here

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